Call for Papers: “Revisiting Security and Strategic Prerogatives in the Black Sea Region”

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CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue (Spring 2025) on “Revisiting Security and Strategic Prerogatives in the Black Sea Region”

Guest Editors: Dimitrios Triantaphyllou and Panagiota Manoli

The war in Ukraine has led, among other things, to reconsidering the security priorities of all regional and extra-regional actors that have a stake in the Black Sea Region’s developments and future. Simultaneously, in the post-COVID era, there is an emerging realignment of the patterns of globalization at play, where several potential trade corridors that potentially challenge the primacy of the China Belt Road Initiative have been gaining traction. Many of these, such as the Three Seas Initiative, the Middle Corridor, the India-Middle East Economic Corridor, and the Global Gateway, could be part of a big strategic idea uniting Eurasia. What is the role of the Black Sea Region in these global realignments? How are Black Sea states grappling with defining their (conflicting) security priorities? Under these conditions, how can cohesive and efficient security mechanisms be conceived and constructed? What is the role, if any, of existing multilateral, regional security, and economic initiatives such as the BSEC and the BLACKSEAFOR, inter alia, in reshaping the region’s future? How do NATO and the EU advance cooperative security in the region?

Within this framework, the special issue invites empirical work exploring issues pertaining to the Black Sea Region's future strategic, economic, and security evolution.We ask for papers that deal with but are not limited to one of the following themes (the list is not exhaustive):

National perspectives on security considerations in the Black Sea Region; the post-Ukraine war security environment; the economic dynamics of the region; Black Sea security and the changing nature of globalization; the linkages between the Black Sea Region and other regions; the role of NATO and the EU in the region; defining in theoretical terms the prospects of cooperative security in the region.

The manuscripts should be between 6000-8000 words in length and comply with the author guidelines on the journal website (

Abstracts of approximately 300 words should be sent directly to the guest editors Dimitrios Triantaphyllou ([email protected]) and Panagiota Manoli ([email protected]) by January 15, 2024.

Authors of selected abstracts will be notified by February 1, 2024.

The deadline for final paper submissions will be July 1, 2024. Submitted papers will undergo a rigorous, double-blind peer-review process. The special issue is scheduled for publication inMarch 2025.

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