BOOK REVIEW: A Brief History of Equality


Is neoliberalism in a deep crisis or not? If yes, what are the dynamics of this crisis? Does this crisis promise social, political, and economic transformations? If it does, what are the prerequisites? Will global levels of inequality continue to be dispersed? If one desperately searches for an answer to these questions, Thomas Piketty’s latest book, A Brief History of Equality, might offer a possible starting point.


Equality, Thomas Piketty, Book Review


Melek Aylin Özoflu and Onur Alp Yılmaz, Book Review “Thomas Piketty, A Brief History of Equality, Harvard University Press, 2022”, International Relations, Vol. 19, No 76, 2022, pp. 97-99.


  • Melek Aylin ÖZOFLU, PhD. Candidate, Corvinus University of Budapest, International Relations and Political Science, Budapest
  • Onur Alp YILMAZ, Dr., Independent Researcher, İstanbul
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