BOOK REVIEW: Kitchen, Identity, Diplomacy - Gastro Diplomacy in Turkey

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Volume 17, Number 067, 2020
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With the developments in communication technologies and the effect of globalization, the increasing power of the public in foreign policy has made public diplomacy an important subject. Gastro diplomacy, as a sub-branch of public diplomacy that contains more cultural elements, emerges as a new and effective communication strategy where tastes and smells within their own cultures are presented to other societies and individuals with the support of the international government.


Kitchen, Identity, Diplomacy, Gastro Diplomacy, Turkey


Eda Cebeci, Book Review: “Neslihan Kul, Kitchen, Identity, Diplomacy - Gastro Diplomacy in Turkey, Ankara, Tün Kitap Publishing, 2019”, International Relations, Volume 17, Issue 67, 2020, pp. 123-126.


  • Eda CEBECİ, Master's Degree, Izmir Katip Celebi University, Department of International Relations
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