BOOK REVIEW: Security Studies: Classic to Post-Modern Approaches

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What kinds of security threats do states currently face in international relations? What areas do security studies cover in the discipline? Contrary to the military security-oriented structure of the Cold War period, the new era requires a more inclusive and alternative approach to security studies due to the effects of globalization. Therefore, many areas that were seen as low politics issues in the early years of the discipline have begun to play an important role in shaping today’s international system and the security perception of states. For someone seeking to answer the above questions, Security Studies: Classic to Post-Modern Approaches, edited by Arda Özkan and Göktürk Tüysüzoğlu, is a good starting point. Within the framework of its eighteen chapters, the book is an important reference that not only deals with the classical approaches of the discipline, such as military issues, but also explores post-modern approaches and contemporary topics, such as energy, environment, migration, and so on.


Security Studies, Classical Approaches, Post-Modern Approaches


Vildan Meydan, “Arda Özkan and Göktürk Tüysüzoğlu (eds.), Security Studies: Classic to Post-Modern Approaches (Lanham, Maryland, Lexington Books, 2023)" Uluslararasi Iliskiler, Advanced Online Publication, 13 March 2024, pp. 1-3.


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