Call for Papers: “Globalizing International Relations”

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Special Issue (Spring 2021)


“Globalizing International Relations”

Guest Editors: Pınar Bilgin and Zeynep Gülşah Çapan

Uluslararası İlişkiler is pleased to announce a special issue on “Globalizing International Relations”.

The special issue aims to intervene at the intersection of two interrelated debates within the field of IR. The first debate is about the sociology of IR and to what extent IR is American, European and/or Western (Bilgin 2009, Waever 1998). The second debate is about the ethnocentric limitations of the field of IR and how to overcome it (Bilgin 2016, Hobson 2012). These concerns have produced an array of works on how to re-imagine IR through bringing in postcolonial perspectives and/or global history (Jabri 2012, Seth 2013). Furthermore, a variety of strategies have been discussed with respect to how to reimagine IR from decolonizing, decentering to Global IR (Acharya 2014, Fierke 2015, Jones 2006, Nayak and Selbin 2010).

The special issue aims to build on these debates and concerns and construct a dialogue that will further the efforts to globalize IR. Recent calls, variously for a “Global IR” and/or a “decolonized IR” represent significant critiques the discipline. The purpose of the special issue is to further these interrogations into what “globalizing international relations” might entail and how these debates can themselves be “global” in their articulations.

The special issue aims to address – but is not limited to – the following questions:

  1. What does “globalizing international relations” as a project entail?

  2. Does the “language” of the discipline change as it travels globally?

  3. What are the institutional and material implications of a “globalized” discipline?

  4. What would the core conceptual, theoretical, and methodological frameworks of International Relations look like when interrogated through other ways of knowing?

The special issue will only contain articles written in English.

All submissions will be reviewed by two referees.

Papers should be sent directly to the guest editor Zeynep Gülşah Çapan ([email protected]).

The deadline for the paper submissions is 30 August 2020.

To see the published special issue:

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