“Winning the Peace”: The Role of International Peace Settlements in the Creation of World Orders – A “Geopolitical Marxist” Perspective

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Marxism and International Relations: Still a Case of "Mutual Neglect"? - Guest Editors: Faruk Yalvaç and Jonathan Joseph


For the discipline of International Relations (IR), the study of International Peace Settlements (IPS) for the organization of postwar international orders has thus far primarily been the purview of realist, liberal, and constructivist approaches. To date, Marxist approaches have tended to either ignore the significance of IPS in the formation of new global orders or have been inscribed into longer-term overarching processes – namely, the reified consequences of the development of capitalism. These proclivities have had the unwelcome effect of subsuming the role historical agents have played in the devising of international ordering strategies under preordained universal “laws of motion” and downplaying the broader efficacy of foreign policymaking in the building of world order. This paper proposes to rectify this Marxist lacuna by highlighting how adopting an approach that elaborates on the principles of Geopolitical Marxism (GPM) in IR can overcome these shortcomings. The paper argues that a radical historicist methodology for analysing these important world-historical junctures retrieves the significance of contextualized agency within the historical materialist tradition and overcomes the issues beholden to structuralist Marxist approaches.


Peace Conferences, World Order, Foreign Policy, Geopolitical Marxism, The Congress of Vienna


Jack Edwards, “'Winning the Peace': The Role of International Peace Settlements in the Creation of World Orders – A 'Geopolitical Marxist' Perspective”, Uluslararasi Iliskiler, Vol. 21, No 82, 2024, pp. 59-77, DOI:10.33458/uidergisi.1473270


Jack EDWARDS PhD Candidate, Department of International Relations, University of Sussex, Brighton E-mail: [email protected] Orcid: 0009-0006-6357-7749

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