BOOK REVIEW: Small States and Shelter Theory: Iceland’s External Affairs

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Volume 19, Number 076, 2023
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The international system of 2020, which according to John Mearsheimer “shifts from unipolarity to multipolarity,” is more welcoming for small states and small state studies. In this environment where the number of actors is growing, small states have a stronger voice through the alliances they make, the projects they create or the roles they play in international organisations. The book named “Small States and Shelter Theory: Iceland’s External Affairs”, analyses the current foreign policy decision-making processes of small states as system actors, with the purpose of adding a new theory to the International Relations (IR) discipline.


Small states, Shelter theory, Iceland, External Affairs


Yeliz Kulalı Martin, Book Review “Baldur Thorhallsson (ed.), Small States and Shelter Theory: Iceland’s External Affairs, Routledge, 2019”, International Relations, Vol. 19, No 76, 2022, pp. 105-107.


  • Yeliz KULALI MARTIN, Assistant Professor, Galatasaray University, Department of International Relations, İstanbul
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