BOOK REVIEW: Energy Security Russia-West Tension and Turkey

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Volume 18, Number 072, 2022
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Şeref Çetinkaya's study focuses on energy security in the context of Russia-West tension. In this context, the study examines Turkey's role in the tension between Russia and the West. The temporal limitation of Çetinkaya's study is determined by the period between the Blue Stream project in 1997 and the plane crisis in 2015. The study is limited to natural gas in terms of energy types.


Energy Security, Russia-West Tension, Turkey


Gizem Balcı, Book Review: “Şeref Çetinkaya, Energy Security Russia-West Tension and Turkey, Istanbul, Gece Akademi Publications. 2019”, International Relations, Volume 18, Issue 72, 2021, pp. 117-119.


  • Gizem BALCI, PhD Student, Istanbul University, Department of Political Science and International Relations
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