BOOK REVIEW: Strategy Thought: Theory, Paradox, Application

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Volume 18, Number 071, 2021
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Academic studies on the concept of strategy, which can be defined as the conversion of military force into political power, are increasing and becoming popular again due to the increasing dominance of competition dynamics in the current international system. The study compiled by Ali L. Karaosmanoğlu (E) and Ersel Aydınlı from Bilkent University, Department of International Relations, constitutes a noteworthy example of this trend in the discipline in recent Turkish literature.


Strategy, Theory, Paradox, Application


Eyüp Ersoy, Book Review: “Ali L. Karaosmanoğlu and Ersel Aydınlı, Strategy Thought: Theory, Paradox, Application, Istanbul, Istanbul Bilgi University Publications. 2020”, International Relations, Volume 18, Issue 71, 2021, pp. 157-159.


  • Eyüp ERSOY, Dr., Ahi Evran University, Department of International Relations
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