BOOK REVIEW: Faith and Power (Religion and Politics in the Middle East)

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Volume 16, Number 061, 2019
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Bernard Lewis is a Middle East expert who knows the region very well and makes deep analyses about it. As a former military intelligence officer, he is one of the important figures who determine and guide America's policies related to the Middle East. In his book Faith and Power, which includes a compilation of some of his articles and speeches that have not been published in English before, published by Oxford University Press Inc. in 2010 and printed in Turkish in 2017, he interprets the Middle East in the axis of Religion and Politics.


Middle East, Religion, Politics, Faith, Power


Kula, Sadik, Book Review: “Bernard Lewis, Faith and Power (Religion and Politics in the Middle East), Ankara, Akilcelen Books, 2017”, International Relations, Volume 16, Issue 61, 2019, pp. 145-147, DOI: 10.33458/uidergisi.541545


  • Sadik KULA, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Yildiz Technical University
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