BOOK REVIEW: The Nonexistent Ideal: Homeland

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Volume 15, Number 059, 2018
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Although Bernhard Schlink is known as a world-renowned author, he is also a jurist and thinker, and one of Germany's leading intellectuals. Schlink, who gained worldwide fame with his novel The Reader, which he wrote as an example from the lives of 'ordinary people' during the period when he was examining Germany's past, is not just a writer, but also a jurist and an important intellectual.


Book Review, Bernhard Schlink, The Nonexistent Ideal: Homeland, Heterotopia Publications


Karahasan, Hakan, Book Review: “Bernhard Schlink, The Nonexistent Ideal: Homeland, Limasol, Heterotopia Publications, 2017”, International Relations, Volume 15, Issue 59, 2018, pp. 157- 159, DOI: 10.33458/uidergisi.525078


  • Hakan KARAHASAN, Assistant Professor, Department of Film Production and Broadcasting, Near East University
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