BOOK REVIEW: Turkey-Syria Relations: Between Enmity and Amity

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Volume 15, Number 057, 2018
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The book, edited by Raymond Hinnebusch and Özlem Tür and written by an international team of authors, examines how Turkey-Syria relations have changed over time. The work examines the periods of rise and fall in Turkey-Syria relations in terms of historical, geopolitical, cultural, and economic changes.


Turkey-Syria Relations, Enmity, Amity


Akkan, Ibrahim, Book Review: “Raymond Hinnebusch and Özlem Tür, Turkey- Syria Relations: Between Enmity and Amity, New York, Ashgate Publishing, 2016”, International Relations, Volume 15, Issue 57, 2018, pp. 121-125, DOI: 10.33458/uidergisi.518049


  • Ibrahim AKKAN, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Yildiz Technical University
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