BOOK REVIEW: Turkish Migration Policy


In these days when we are witnessing one of the largest forced migrations in world history, many refugees, especially Syrians, are trying to continue their lives within the borders of Turkey, which is the center of the Syrian refugee influx. It has become a necessity to produce new policies and reorganize existing policies for these people trying to find a place for themselves within Turkey. Not only with the refugee influx experienced in the last five years, but also since its establishment, migration has always been an important issue for Turkey, which has been giving and receiving migration in masses. Therefore, the field of migration policies is one of the subjects that academic studies have intensified in recent years.


Migration policies, Turkey, Syrian refugees, Turkish diasporas


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 14, Issue 56, 2017, pp. 131-134


  • Büşra EFE, Master's Student, Department of International Relations, TOBB University of Economics and Technology
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