BOOK REVIEW: Absolute War: A Clausewitzian Analysis on the Origins of the First World War

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Volume 12, Number 048, 2016
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The place of Clausewitz's war studies, which have been studied extensively to date but are still trying to be understood in the real sense, is undeniable. So much so that Clausewitz's work titled On War, which he penned in the 19th century, has been at the center of the debates conducted in war studies from that day to this day and has made a significant contribution to efforts to understand the phenomenon of war. Despite the importance that Clausewitz carries in terms of his war studies, it is observed that efforts to understand him in Turkish literature are insufficient.


Clausewitz, Absolute War, First World War, War Theory


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 12, Issue 48 / pp. 137-140


  • Kıvılcım ROMYA BİLGİN, Dr., Turkish Armed Forces General Staff
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