BOOK REVIEW: The Geography of Power, How Global Economic Politics Was Created?

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Volume 12, Number 045, 2015
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In the book titled "The Geography of Power, How Global Economic Politics Was Created?" written by Richard PEET, a geography professor at Clark University in the USA, current global economic policies are discussed in terms of which institutions they were formed by and how they were implemented within the framework of which ideological affiliations. In the overall study, where the roles of global economy managers such as the IMF, World Bank, G-7/8, World Trade Organization within the system and their effects on other states are evaluated, it is seen that the author questions the capitalist system and emphasizes that neoliberalism increases poverty and inequality in income distribution. In addition, the book also includes systems and practices that could be an alternative to the existing global economic structure.


The Geography of Power, Global Economic Politics, Richard PEET


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 12, Issue 45 / pp. 127-131


  • Harun SEMERCİOĞLU, PhD Student, Selcuk University, Department of International Relations
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