BOOK REVIEW: Turkey Facing East: Islam, Modernity and Foreign Policy

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Volume 12, Number 045, 2015
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The starting point of Ayla Göl's book, Turkey Facing East: Islam, Modernity and Foreign Policy, is her criticism against the writings that index the history of Turkish foreign policy to Turkey's relations with the West. In this justified criticism, the author states that it is very problematic that the narratives of Turkish foreign policy, especially in the evaluations related to the War of Independence years, generally only scrutinize Turkey's relations with the "West", almost remaining silent on the issue of relations with the "East", namely the Bolshevik regime and Armenia, in the establishment of modern Turkey.


Book review, Turkey, Foreign policy, Islam, Modernity


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 12, Issue 45 / pp. 123-126


  • Lerna K. YANIK, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Kadir Has University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration
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