BOOK REVIEW: Reading the European Union from Turkey: Culture, Identity and Media

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Volume 11, Number 043, 2014
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In the Turkey-EU relations, which can be traced back to a very long time ago, studies are being conducted on the process of social integration as well as legal and political integration processes. Reading the relations through perceptions, how perceptions are formed and what they are influenced by are important in terms of understanding the social dimension. In this sense, Dr. Serhat Kaymas's study, which addresses perceptions in terms of culture, identity and media, is a noteworthy study in terms of explaining social relations that are not written and discussed as much as legal and political relations.


European Union, Turkey, Culture, Identity, Media


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 11, Issue 43, Fall 2014, p. 189 - 191


  • Serhat KAYMAS, Dr., Imaj Publishing House
  • Öznur AKCALI, Master's Student, METU, Department of Political Science and Public Administration
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