BOOK REVIEW: Divulgence of a Myth


Işık Kitabevi-Galeri Kültür is a popular (and quite unique) Cypriot publisher, regarded in recent years as the Northern Nicosia bookstore of choice for important Greek to Turkish translations. The publisher’s most recent contribution is a translation of “Divulgence of a Myth” by Kiriakos Cambazis, who penned a special preface specifically for the Turkish edition. This translation by Hasan Özgür Tuna represents the third of Cambazis’ works to be published by the celebrated Galeri Kültür.


Book review, Myth, Kiriakos CAMBAZIS, Translation, Cyprus


International Relations, Volume 11, Issue 43, Fall 2014, p. 183 - 187


  • Mehmet HASGÜLER, Prof. Dr., Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of International Relations
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