BOOK REVIEW: East/West: A Twenty-Five Century War

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Volume 11, Number 041, 2014
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French historian and researcher Thierry Camous's book titled "East/West: A Twenty-Five Century War" is a comprehensive study that examines the struggle of two different civilizations, separated as east and west, through the wars they have fought against each other. In his work, Camous questions the approaches that evaluate the struggle between Eastern and Western civilizations in the context of religious wars or Islam-West, criticizing Samuel Huntington's famous "clash of civilizations paradigm".


East, West, War, Civilization, History


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 11, Issue 41, Spring 2014, pp. 147 - 149


  • Yener Kutsal YENİLMEZ, PhD Student, Galatasaray University, Department of International Relations
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