BOOK REVIEW: Capitalism and Class in the Gulf Arab States

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Volume 09, Number 036, 2013
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In December 2010, a young street vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire to protest the confiscation of his goods by the police (but from a broader perspective, unemployment and the high cost of living), igniting the fuse of popular uprisings later dubbed the "Arab Spring". The events that began in Tunisia and resulted in the overthrow of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali quickly spread throughout the Middle East and Arab geography, shaking the seemingly unshakeable existing powers - to varying degrees.


Gulf Countries, Capitalism, Class


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 9, Issue 36, Winter 2013, p. 173 - 178


  • Mustafa Bölükbaşı, PhD Candidate, Yildiz Technical University, Department of Political Science and International Relations
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