BOOK REVIEW: The Rise of Research Centers, Foreign Policy and National Security Culture in Turkey

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Volume 09, Number 033, 2012
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In a country like Turkey where the phenomenon of national security is always at the forefront, it cannot be said that studies in the field of security have reached the level they deserve. This situation is an inevitable result of seeing the issue of security as a field monopolized by the relevant institutions of the state, among other factors. This approach has led to the discussion of security-related issues in a narrow circle, the lack of a sufficient number of experts in academic institutions on this subject, and decision-makers and the public being deprived of policy options.


Research Centers, Foreign Policy, National Security Culture, Turkey


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 9, Issue 33, Spring 2012, p. 121 - 124


  • Nihat Çelik, Doktora Öğrencisi, Kadir Has Üniversitesi, Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü
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