BOOK REVIEW: Why Europe Fear its Neighbours?

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Volume 08, Number 031, 2011
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In this book titled Fabrizio Tassinari, Why Europe Fear its Neighbours? (Why is Europe Afraid of its Neighbours?), a comprehensive perspective is brought to the relations of the EU with the countries in its close environment. The EU and its policies are the main field of study of the author. Tassinari, who worked as a researcher in the EU commission between 2001-04, became an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen where he worked in 2005-08 and also worked at the Center for European Policy Studies.


Europe, Neighbours, Fear, EU, Relations


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 8, Issue 31, Fall 2010, p. 125 - 134


  • Didem ARTUNÇ, Master's Student, Ankara University, Department of International Relations
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