BOOK REVIEW: A Look at the Causes of World War I Through Naval Strategies or Notes on "The Ottoman's Dreadnought Dreams on the Road to World War I"

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Volume 08, Number 030, 2011
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The signing of the Versailles Treaty on June 28, 1919, not only officially ended World War I, but also placed the historical responsibility for the start of this war, which caused unprecedented destruction in human history, on Germany. The encouragement by German Chancellor / eobald Bethman Holweg after the Sarajevo assassination that Germany would provide all kinds of support, known in history as an "open check", for the stance Austria-Hungary would take against Serbia was the responsibility placed on Germany for the start of World War I.


World War I, Naval Strategies, Ottoman, Dreadnought Dreams


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 7, Issue 25, Spring 2010, pp. 151 - 157


  • Serhat GÜVENÇ, Associate Professor, Istanbul University, Department of Political Science and International Relations
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