BOOK REVIEW: Critical Security Studies and World Politics

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Volume 06, Number 021, 2009
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People move in an endless sea in the political field. In this sea, there is neither a harbor to take refuge, nor a ground to anchor; neither a starting point, nor an end to be reached. The only thing that can be done is to try to stay on the surface. Realism, fundamentally, is based on the idea that states operate in an anarchic environment that can be likened to the endless sea that leads nowhere; therefore, their only goal is to survive and they can only achieve this by arming themselves.


Critical Security Studies, World Politics, Realism, Security Studies


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 6, Issue 21, Spring 2009, p. 139 - 145


  • Burcu YAVUZ, PhD Student, Middle East Technical University, Department of International Relations
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