BOOK REVIEW: Coercive Diplomacy in Turkish Foreign Policy

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Volume 06, Number 021, 2009
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In everyday language and academic use, the concept of "Diplomacy" has a variety of definitions. Almost every political science thinker, theorist; every head of state, every foreign minister and even every diplomat has their own different definition. In its most general definition, Diplomacy refers to any effort aimed at solving a problem through mutual dialogue and negotiation between at least two states, on issues that exist or could potentially be a problem.


Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Turkey, Coercive Diplomacy


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 6, Issue 21, Spring 2009, pp. 147 - 149


  • Elif Hatun KILIÇBEYLİ, Assistant Professor Dr., Çukurova University, Department of International Relations
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