BOOK REVIEW: Turkey's Foreign Policy: Principles, Actors, Practices


The two most well-known works in the literature on Turkey's foreign policy are Baskın Oran's edited Turkish Foreign Policy (Volume I, II, III) and William Hale's Turkish Foreign Policy since 1774. Oran and Hale define Turkey in their works as a country that traditionally adopts and implements a balance policy in foreign policy. In addition, both works define Turkey as a medium-sized state in the international system, and from this definition, they reveal the limitations and opportunities in Turkey's foreign policy.


Turkey's Foreign Policy, Principles, Actors, Practices


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Volume 10, Issue 40, Winter 2014, p. 173 - 178


  • Ramazan ERDAĞ, Dr., Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Department of International Relations
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