BOOK REVIEW: Méthodes de Recherche en Relations Internationales


The book titled Méthodes de Recherche en Relations Internationales (Research Methods in International Relations), which includes the chapters written by 22 researchers at different stages of academic life under the editorship of Guillaume Devin, a professor of International Relations (IR) at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), was published in Paris in 2016 by Les Presses de Sciences Po publishing house.


Book Review, International Relations, Research Methods


Özdemirkıran Embel, Merve, Book Review: “Guillaume Devin, Méthodes de Recherche en Relations Internationales, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2016”, International Relations, Volume 16, Issue 62, 2019, pp. 159-162, DOI: 10.33458/uidergisi.588965


  • Merve ÖZDEMİRKIRAN EMBEL, Dr. Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Marmara University
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