From Conflict to Security in International Relations

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Aiming to contribute to the Turkish literature in the field of security studies, a compilation has been published by Istanbul Bilgi University Press under the title "From Conflict to Security in International Relations – Readings." The compilation consists mostly of studies that were previously published in various issues of the International Relations journal, which have been revised and recompiled.

Planned as an auxiliary resource that scholars and students interested in Security Studies can benefit from, this compilation aims to introduce security terminology to Turkish and to present discussions taking place at national/international levels in a collective manner. In this regard, the book not only includes dominant Western-centric analyses in international literature but also features analyses from Latin America, the Islamic world, the East, the West, and Turkey, as well as works from critical and Marxist perspectives.


Aydın, Mustafa et al. (ed.), From Conflict to Security in International Relations, Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi University Publications, 2012.

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